The United States of America: a grand journey!

If the American visa and plane tickets are in your hands, rest assured: one of the greatest journeys in your life is ahead of you! The USA map is so huge that it is simply impossible to see all the attractions of this country in one trip!Of course, first of all, the fans of sightseeing tourism aim to visit the capital of America, Washington.

This city – a symbol of freedom and justice – is full of parks, historical monuments and the most important state institutions. Here tourists can see the White House, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court building and the famous Capitol, above which it is forbidden to build anything in Washington.The country guide will accurately lead the traveler to «the Hollywood Walk of Fame», to the world-known Grand Canyon in Arizona (this natural wonder shows the geological layers of rocks that have been formed over millions of years of the history of our planet), Disneyland in Anaheim and the Empire State Building in the heart of the United States – in New York. Popular places among tourists are also the Statue of Liberty, Central Park on Manhattan Island, the 1280-meter Golden Gate Bridge and numerous establishments of sparkling Las Vegas.To travel in the country of 50 states, It's worth using the fastest transport: intercity trains and local flights. However, many tourists prefer to rent a car and enjoy the beauties of the New World on their own.

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