Moldova – a journey into the past

The land of centuries-old traditions, cultural heritage of ancestors, ancient rituals and ceremonies, all this is Moldova.

Here it is possible to take a journey back in time, when megacities did not hide the true nature of beauty from peoples' eyes.Moldova occupies a very modest territory on the map, but at the same time is one of the important centres of ecological tourism. There are many natural reserves, untouched areas and geological monuments that are of interest to many tourists.The most popular places in Moldova, as your guide to the country will notes, are the historical and archaeological complex of Old Orhei, the Soroca fortress, the white-stone Triumphal Arch in the town of Soroki, as well as a city park by the lake with a romantic name Rose Valley. Most of the local places of interest are monasteries. One of them, the Saharna Monastery, is a true witness of the emergence of Christianity in Moldova in the 12th century. Believers also know such places as the rocky monastery of Tipova, Căpriana and the Japca convent.Gastronomic tourism is really developing in the republic. Wine tours are organised regularly, during which tourists often visit the Cricova cellars, Chateau Vartely and Mileștii Mici, places where famous home-made wines are produced.The surrounding country is more convenient to get around with buses and railway transport.

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